Managing Attendance

Work is important not only to physical and mental health, but also for social integration.

“People are diminished by the experience of long-term sickness absence; loss of contact with the world of work means they lose skills and confidence in returning to work.”
Professor Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work

There is a great deal of evidence now to support the beneficial impact of work on health and we are committed to working as part of our client’s team to help change cultural perceptions about sickness absence and encourage staff to understand the impact of absence not only on the organisation and their co workers, but also on their own Health and Well being.  We work proactively with our clients to prevent work related ill health and ensure that there are positive strategies in place for Early Intervention. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that employees are supported as early as possible to prevent the risk of them slipping into long term absence.

We know that the earlier we can talk to an employee with health problems, the higher our chances of providing effective support and getting the person back to work.  The multi disciplinary team at our Early Intervention Centre are focussed on preventing people slipping into long term absence. The team is made up of Senior Occupational Health Advisers and Case Managers skilled in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Physiotherapists. 

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