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Our Team

An image of Professor Bernd Siegemund

Professor Bernd Siegemund

Chairman of the Board of Directors

An image of Marilyn Dummer

Marilyn Dummer

Managing Director

An image of Dr Naveen Ratti

Dr Naveen Ratti

Medical Director

An image of Bernie Taylor

Bernie Taylor

Director of Clinical Services

An image of Phil Waterworth

Phil Waterworth

Director of Clinical Therapies

An image of Oliver Hook

Oliver Hook

Director of IT & Digital Transformation

An image of Olga Bertosh

Olga Bertosh

Finance & Commercial Director

An image of Sam Dummer

Sam Dummer

Associate Director of Business Development & Marketing

An image of Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor

Director of Service Delivery

An image of Jennifer Yexley

Jennifer Yexley

Head of Operations

An image of Sue Bedford

Sue Bedford

Head of Clinical Services - South

An image of Helen Hough

Helen Hough

Head of Clinical Services - North

An image of Stephen Parkinson

Stephen Parkinson

Head of Health & Wellbeing

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